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Wang Ju-yi  王居易

For more information about my teacher, Wang Ju-yi, please visit: 



Respecting Our Ancestors and Searching for our Roots: The Source for the Cultivation and Establishment of Applied Channel Theory

North American Journal of Oriental Medicine, Vol. 21, No. 60, March 2014.

By Wang Ju-Yi

Translated by Jonathan Chang

Channel Examination:The Faithful, Unfailing Guide in the Clinic 

North American Journal of Oriental Medicine

Vol. 21, No. 61, July 2014.

By Jonathan Chang

Dr. Wang Ju-yi’s Clinical Case Studies: Treatment of Eczema with Applied Channel Theory


California Journal of Oriental Medicine, Vol. 26, No.1, Spring/Summer 2015. 

By Jonathan W. Chang

The Treatment of Constraint According to Applied Channel Theory

Journal of Chinese Medicine, Number 113, February 2017. 

By Jonathan W. Chang

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