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In Memory of Wang Ju-yi

My teacher, Wang Ju-Yi, passed away on August 5, 2017. I first met him in 2006 as a patient. It was this encounter that changed the entire direction of my life.

Dr. Wang was so much to me. He was a teacher that passed on his knowledge of Chinese medicine. He taught me how to treat patients, and how to think like a Chinese medical doctor.

He was also like a father who was sometimes stern, but always passed on words of wisdom.

When I met him I knew I had to appreciate fully the opportunity to study with a master of Chinese Medicine. The more I studied with him, the more I didn't want to leave his side. Dr. Wang was dedicated to developing his theories of Chinese medicine, while I was dedicated to studying as much as I could with him. I felt like I was (and am) always trying to catch up to him.

I loved listening to him lecture, and was always fascinated to observe him in action treating patients at his clinic. But it was also the little things that kept me attached to him. I will miss chatting with him about Chinese medical theories or discussing cases in the last moments of the day. I will miss joking with him about random things, and hearing him retell stories of his childhood. I will miss our slow walks back to his home after clinic as I would make sure he arrived safely just as the sun was starting to set.


I have lost a teacher, a father and a friend, while the Chinese medical community has lost a master of this field.

However, every time I'm in clinic I can feel him living and breathing within me. Every time I use his methods of palpation, diagnosis and treatment I know that he will never really leave my side.

It's difficult to fathom that he is gone, but I have the responsibility, along with his other apprentices, to pass on his knowledge for the betterment of Chinese Medicine and for the preservation of his legacy.

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